Sunday 28 August 2011

Inspirational Quotes Part Five

To thine own self be true, thou canst not then be false to any man. Polonius in Hamlet

I joined an evangelical church to find a new social circle. Guardian July 31, 2004

Consider, dear child, consider!
The White Queen in Alice Through the Looking-Glass

Life is cruel, but unjust. Film maker Akki Kaurismaki

You can “enable people to fake confidence even when they are nervous". Mr Vit of the English Speaking Union

The old saying be nice ack like a lady dress propper has nothing to do with getting or keeping a man. (

They don't want the truth; they want you to validate their fondest wishes. (

Peer pressure is quite a suffocating and powerful influence. You have to fit in. Alan Hansford on coming out as gay after he left cricket, Daily Telegraph Feb 2011

One day we will look back on all this, laugh nervously and change the subject. (John O’Farrell)

This is important because unlike other traits that are associated with life outcomes - including cleverness, tallness, and beauty - lots of research suggests that self-control is readily amenable to improvement through training. BPS Digest May 17, 2011

Basic problem solving
on work and relationship issues may make a difference. Guardian February 27, 2008

We probably all have a story to tell when arriving new in a job. If it’s not the uniform we are supposed to wear, it’s another form of dress-code, the language, regulation of whom you are allowed to talk to, who you are ‘responsible to’ more than what you are responsible for.

"There is just no such thing as anyone’s real personality. Personalities are the product of the initial feelings or attitudes someone takes up and the needs of the situation they find themselves in...and, for that matter, the initial feelings themselves are the product of earlier conflicts of that sort." Gay spy Jeremy Wolfenden

“Weak ties” are as crucial to the flourishing of social networks as strong ones. More quasi-friends probably also means more job opportunities, and more chance of making real friends, or meeting the love of your life. Oliver Burkeman, G December 11 2010

[The music business] was a boys’ club. Lottie Mullan

Low point: Insufferable kooky outcast Luna Lovegood yet again reminding us that there's nothing more irritating than fierce individuality. Charlie Lyne in the Guardian July 9, 2011

Tenderness Important for Relationship Satisfaction

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