Saturday 26 November 2011

Whatever Happened To...? 11

all you can eat salad bars (replaced by “food halls”?)
commemorative teaspoons
complaining about “long-haired DJs
eau de Nil (the colour – used to be everywhere in kitchen enamelware, tiles, packaging, walls, doors…)
egg cosies
Equity cards

free higher education

idea that word processors weren’t really computers

jibes about bra-burning, chairpersons, chivalry and door-opening (making an unwelcome comeback)
making your own Xmas decorations by spraying twigs/holly nuts gold/silver
microfiches New Society (the magazine)
olde fashionede phones made of… pale green onyx

people saying there can’t be any such thing as sexual harassment and besides the accent is on the first syllable (gone the way of the people who declared they would never use those new-fangled post codes)

roll-ons (they kept your stockings up)
Second Life
sex-objects (borrowed from Lacanian discourse re subjects, objects and others and only really makes sense in that context)
smell of creosote

sound of typewriters, rotary dial phones, coffee percolators, flash cubes, record changers (clunk! hisss….), cash register, film projector (slide projector (whoosh clunk! whoosh clunk!), broken record record record (and 78 comes to end)

Theatre in Education
(still around in bags like crisps, apparently)

vast Come Dancing skirts made from layer on layer of nylon net (and a gazillion sequins sewn on by hand)). They bore only a tenuous relationship to genuine olde-tyme dance wear.

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