Thursday 3 November 2011

Political Euphemisms III

A certain kind of rightwinger fits the riots into the pattern of moral and social decline that she imagines has afflicted British society since the 1950s: multiculturalism, soft policing, family breakdown (ie, sexual tolerance and feminism), liberal teaching, welfare dependency and immigration are all part of this elaborately imagined world. @DAaronovitch, Times 11 Aug 11

As a forum researcher you will actively follow your field of interest and churn ideas of how New Turn could introduce the issues and debates to the wider public in an engaging manner. = You will create propaganda and dream up missionary strategies. FB page of shadowy group New Turn

consideration for others = do what I say (Times leader October 26, 2011 says protesters “lack consideration for others”. But surely camping out in the rain is character-building? NB character is a rightwing euphemism for "the kind of character that will be useful to US" )

convulsive, convulsions: revolutions, invasions, rapid changes of government, coups, depositions, abdications, annexations, civil wars

Gaddafi's most famous literary work is The Green Book, published in 1975. This treatise on "Islamic socialism" defined the concept of Jamahiriya, a state without parties that would be governed directly by its people. Which, in practice, translates as a military dictatorship, headed by – you guessed it – Gaddafi! Guardian blog Mar 2010

indecent haste = Let’s not do it now. Let’s not do it at all.

lobbyist = pimp or shill for company that wants to influence government decisions so that it can make money (one person's lobbying is another's bit of essential advocacy @DAaronovitch)

media frenzy = What Liam Fox refers to as a "media frenzy" was actually investigative reporting into breaches in ministerial conduct. @fatcharlesh

political elite = people who disagree with me Oborne, euro debate 'manipulated by political elite in anti-democratic way' - the way he describes people with different opinion to his own. Oborne's is a classic "my opinion is authentic and courageous, yours is manipulative and part of a plot" piece of self-love. @DAaronovitch

populist firebrand = troublemaker, divisive

Putting People First = NHS cuts

rejection of "the culture of excuses" Hmmm. Sounds suspiciously like a culture of 'blaming the victim'. Andy Giddings

More euphemisms here.

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