Thursday 17 November 2011

More More Adjectives

cheap: over-reliance on a set of cheap journalistic tricks Mind Hacks blog

eyerolly I am especially eyerolly at the ones who have NO IDEA how polarized this place is (the US).

feeble (piece of writing, humour)

formulaic, FX-driven set pieces Independent on Super 8

fridge-magnet Helen Keller’s fridge-magnet wisdom… “Security is mostly a superstition.” Guardian September 3, 2011 See quilted sampler, cross-stitch mottoes

hideously decadent It's this pick-and-mix approach that generated the meaningless architectural train-smashes of the 1980s, especially those hideously decadent mixtures of gleaming surfaces and crudely over-articulated 19th century industrial pastiche. Jay Merrick, 12 Sept 2011

inane: I forgot to mention inane, Blairite, 'cultural industry', non-elitist, outreach and interpretation based names for… vast, useless cultural buildings. @FatcharleshH

ingratiating baby talk Eva Wiseman, Observer Sept 2011 on cute messages on packaging (“lovingly packed by Dawn and her team”)

insipid rubbish Nothing like a tragedy to inspire insipid rubbish. @entschwindet on giant silver hands made out of doves (really).

Lame attempt to justify turning the lights off across East Sussex. Crime and accidents will surely rise but everything is OK because someone can take a picture of the moon.

meaningless waffle: The release went on meaninglessly, moronically: “Our dream is to grow our clients’ business by transforming human behaviour through uplifting, meaningful human experiences.” the presentation being “unveiled” contained marketing waffle with diagrams shaped like flowers whose petals were labelled Community, Currency, Content and Conversation… woolly thinking… hot air… drivel… guff… Lucy Kellaway in the FT October 2011

piercingly average Unfortunately for credibility, John Simm looks piercingly average. Clive James, DT, July 2011

It’s a million miles away from the pious slaughterhouse chic of the River Café. Keith Miller, Telegaph Sept 2011

tiresome: Ursuta’s abject sculpture is actually one of the better examples of a kind of figurative sculpture that is always with us: by turns jokey, laughable, stupid and extreme, in a frequently pointless and tiresome way. Adrian Searle G October 13, 2011

truly gruesome, ticky-tacky etc Across the road a truly gruesome collection of beige and green glass lacklustre ticky-tacky Pomo apartments with virtually no redeeming features apart from the fact it’s just so incredibly wrong. Christian Harrap blog

vainglorious: endless vainglorious cameos from tediously eccentric friends @fatcharlesh on Iain Sinclair, July 2011

vapid bollocks fatcharlesh Charles Holland Page Eight was awful. The kind of pompous, posturing but vapid bollocks that is invariably described as "oozing class".

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  1. And once again, Clive James comes across as piercingly jealous of John Simm.