Wednesday 21 December 2011

Neologisms 3

New ways of saying things (thankyou, Twitterfriends).

baked in the cake (things you can’t change)

a Rada-approved Mad Stare Libby Purves Oct 22 2011 Times

Blairism = 21st century pseudomodernism @entschwindet Nov 2011

bubblegum Hysterical attempts to bubblegum the whole thing together. Boris Johnson on the euro

CGI garbage Nicholas Lezard on Tintin, Guardian October 19, 2011

Drive is like a big Levi’s advert starring Ryan Gosling (says a colleague).

gyfterie (Edward Burra)

heritage makeover Porthgain's rough beauty has survived both industrial collapse and a heritage makeover. Architecture Today Oct 2011


is X Factor for posh people @christopherexpo (and circle dancing is line dancing for pretentious people)

nodding dogs The whitewashing of the behaviour of the bank’s all-powerful, bullying former chief executive and its weak-minded board of nodding dogs. Alex Brummer in the Daily Mail on RBS

PLONKITECTURE A building placed on its site with no consideration for its setting. @cowanrob Rob Cowan

PLOP ART A pejorative term for a work of public art placed with little consideration of its setting. @cowanrob Rob Cowan

razor-blade strategy Eastman's razor-blade strategy of selling cameras cheaply and reaping lavish margins from consumables — film, chemicals and paper. dec 2011

Rocky Horror Show is "boil in the bag perversion for sexually repressed accountants" Simon Pegg in Spaced

side chick = the Other Woman

sub-Alcoholics Anonymous self-empowerment rubbish about breaking through walls and finding your true self (Nicholas Lezard on Tintin Guardian October 19, 2011)

The rainforest mezzanine
– a vital layer of fallen leaves held aloft by fungal nets @edyong209 Ed Yong

They are burning holes in our industrial structure as we speak, Australian Industry Group chief executive Heather Ridout warned. Nov 2011

whipsaw In recent years, people have been whipsawed by conflicting studies about the risks posed by low levels of radiation given off by cell phones. 20 Oct 2011

More good new coinages here, here, here and here. And here.

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