Tuesday 13 December 2011

More Travel Writing Cliches

Tourists come in hordes.

Or else they're "chattering trippers": All the action is in the restaurant, which is packed out with chattering trippers. John Walsh Indy 23 July 2011 (We are such an elite that there aren’t enough of us to pack anywhere out. And if we do gather together, we don’t “chatter”, we converse.)

Hens, when not being carried in baskets on buses, “scratch” around people’s front doors.

Scenery is lush, snow-capped or rolling.

Yet more travel writing clichés here.

On water, people ply routes, oars etc

Houses huddle, especially when they have slate roofs: Port Isaac with its huddle of slate houses/ little lanes of picturesque fishermen's cottages which huddle side-on/ The village huddles over the rushing stream amongst shady trees./ Its old village huddles around a substantial medieval fortress/ A small village huddles around a ruined castle in Provence etc, etc, etc

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