Monday 19 March 2012

Political Lexicon

Julie Meyer of Ariadne Capital (BBC Question Time, "digital native" ) seems to have taken this lexicon down from her site. (That's not a picture of her above.) Could it be a parody? Quote starts here:

January 14, 2012

It strikes me that so frequently we succumb to the wrong language for expressing ourselves.
A friend of mine - JP Floru - at the Adam Smith Institute has started this helpful new lexicon. (Not Found on his blog too.)

A New Lexicon

Do not say/Say
austerity/living within our means
welfare state/something-for-nothing society
investment (state)/spending
free (state services)/taxpayers’ money
greedy bankers/greedy government
bailing out the banks/politicians bailing out the banks
public sector/big government
public services/services
regulations/red tape
the rich/people who have done well
accumulating wealth/saving for later
broadest shoulders/someone else
cuts/bringing back to reasonable spending levels
fat cats/entrepreneurs
wealth/nest egg
key workers/key voters
affordable housing/subsidised housing
safety net/state hammock
quantitative easing/printing money
state created jobs/private jobs taxed out of existence
fair share of taxes/excessive taxes
fairness/reward for effort
redistribution/punishing success
poverty is inequality/poverty is absolute
fair trade/free trade
he earns more than the PM/he earns less than the PM if you include the PM’s benefits
fair share/I don't know where to start to describe what's wrong here.
progressive taxation/disproportionate taxation
income inequality/reward for effort
nantional insurance contribution/tax on jobs
commercial/what people want

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