Wednesday 21 March 2012

Political Euphemisms Part Four

Stuffy bureaucrats

= 'Aspire' is mushy talk of politicians with nothing to say. See also 'crackdown', 'get tough', 'hard working families' . Twitter

bureaucracy = socialism
bureaucrat = socialist
stuffy bureaucracy = socialists telling US what to do

Choice means no more nanny state, you work it out for yourself, and pay for it. (Friend H writes)

cohesive = not divisive
and of course divisive = turning people against the government, us
and so cohesion = everybody’s on OUR side!!!!
Francois Hollande says a top tax rate of 75% would “send a message of social cohesion”. Feb 2012 What on earth he mean?

crackdown = shelling your own citizens
doom and gloom = recession, unions having too much power

lobbying = puffing, pushing
localism, interference, activism… But revealing his action, Mr Pickles said last night: "The High Court judgment has far wider significance than just the municipal agenda of Bideford Town Council. By effectively reversing that illiberal ruling, we are striking a blow for localism over central interference, for freedom to worship over intolerant secularism, for Parliamentary sovereignty over judicial activism, and for long-standing British liberties over modern-day political correctness." Re the Bideford Councillors. First they were forbidden to put prayers on the agenda paper (to bring them in line with the law). Following a mass hissy fit, Eric Pickles unilaterally overturned the decision and justified it as above. Where to start?

malaise = recession, country not making things any more, unions having too much power

men and women of good will = people who agree with me

nanny state = socialism (when Conservatives try to get people to behave responsibly and eat sensibly, that’s not the nanny state)

patriot = Sarah Palin's tweets are minefields of coded words; for her, "patriot" is defined as, "those who agree with me." When she says "Americans," it is not inclusive. (Roger Ebert)

People don’t trust politicians (to pursue a right-wing agenda)

politically motivated = left-wing, motivated to remove a political opponent

public figures who are troubled, tormented, “been through choppy waters” (Boris Johnson) = been prosecuted for drugs, fraud, sex crimes
regime = a government we don’t approve of

shrink the state = reduce welfare

smug = socialist

social exclusion = poverty, deprivation

stabilize = put down revolutions, mop up pockets of resistance, fire on peaceful protesters etc etc

tensions = ethnic hatred or violence

The Russians/Poles need a strong leader = they need a leader who will make them respected on the world stage. Need a leader who’s prepared to threaten and invade other countries while silencing dissidents and making some people extremely rich.

well-intentioned but naïve = socialist (To Where our Well-Intentioned but Naïve Legislative Creep is Leading Us - headline from Civitas website)

Why is it that anything the Tories disagree with is politically correct? Sun commenter

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