Thursday 26 April 2012

Too Appropriate Metaphors III

And inappropriate, and unfortunate...

The potato is so much a British staple that it’s easy to forget its South American roots. Alys Fowler, BBC1, Our Food

There are 600,000 more wind turbines in the pipeline. Janet Street-Porter, One Show April 23, 2012

Proposals for scores of huge incinerators have ignited a new planning row. Times April 9, 2012

Planning laws signal end of road for out-of-town shopping centres.

The clammy attentions of the recession had recently slammed shut its 90-year-old doors. Metro March 2012 on café/restaurant Fitzbillies. Inappropriate and unfortunate. Clammy attentions?

Banks must bolster their capital cushions

The tragedy that erupted in Japan a year ago... (There was an earthquake, a tsunami and a nuclear accident - but no eruption.)

Huge blow to British windfarms (I’ll huff, and I’ll puff…)

This is the wrong time to float the idea of a royal yacht. (paraphrase January 17, 2012)

Sunk cruise ship’s captain was “showboating”. Unfortunate headline, January 17, 2012

Water is the lifeblood of the river. Countryfile December 10, 2011

For the Hindus the Ganges is a living goddess, and streams of pilgrims, old and young, as well as tourists, flood towards the river to worship. Sandra Boler, Independent April 3 10

Seeing a buzzard catch a rare phalarope is “in bird-watching terms, like killing two birds with one stone.” birdwatcher in Times Jan 16 09

The discovery of the preserved bodies “breathed new life into” Arctic exploration. (The idea of artificial respiration is too near the disinterred remains.)

The centre of activity of the marketplace has changed ... quicker than any other slowdowns. Guardian Sept 20 08

The history of the aquatics centre shows a risible approach to cost control and that the games’ organisers seem to be willing to spend money like water. Report on the 2012 Olympics budget quoted in The Guardian April 30, 2008

Why spend astronomical amounts on so-called scientific research to go to another planet?

Recycling of animal protein in feed proved recipe for disaster Guardian October 27, 2000 (But the Guardian may always be doing it on purpose.)

Ski slope injuries "hurt NHS" Guardian headline March 24, 2004

As the smoke clears at the devastated detention centre, a Standard investigation reveals how officials ignored the warnings that they were sitting on a powder keg. Evening Standard July 23, 2004

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