Sunday 1 April 2012

Cycles of Acceptance

Every new technological advance especially if social (blogging, twitter, the Internet, mobile phones, Facebook) does a “Fry's five boys”:

Cautious approval
I’ve adopted it!
Five prominent women say it has changed their lives
Its days are numbered (apparently)
It’s as dead as disco (allegedly)

Or: geeks invent a way of chatting, discussing, debating, getting help, making friends. Nobody wants to know. If you mention it, people look blank. Twenty years later when everybody has a computer and mobile a clunky version of the same thing is invented and it becomes this year’s must-have.

Something similar happened to the third series of Spiral (Engrenage). When in came out in 2011 people "discovered" it. Was it or wasn't it better than The Killing? (Maybe they were children when 1 and 2 came out.)

And Catherine Tate. I used to watch her on cable...

I can't talk about her because nobody else has got cable.
Her second series is on terrestrial.
And everybody discovers her.
But she's their discovery, not mine.
"Am I bovvered" - it gets boring after a while.

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