Sunday 17 March 2013

Inspirational Quotes 32

Some useful advice to balance all that guff about loving yourself.

She ought to bear in mind that in a few year's time she will be more lonely, have fewer ties, and, as her charms fade, she'll have very few of the friends she thinks she still has at the moment. (Painter Berthe Morisot's mother, in a letter. Morisot (above) was in love with Edouard Manet. She eventually married his brother.)

You’ve stopped inviting me to parties or on holiday, because everyone else there will be in couples and, ironically, you don’t want me to feel left out. (What You’re Really Thinking, Guardian 26 Jan 2013)

What had begun as a radical experiment was slowly moving towards the centre, and I had ceased to be its leader. Alexei Sayle

Theatre design is an appallingly badly paid profession - you need a partner with a proper job. (Tom Piper)

Hilde Spiel, a novelist from a family of assimilated Jews… Despite enthusiastic efforts, she never managed to penetrated the inner circles of the London literati. (Tessa Hadley’s review of The Love Charm of Bombs by Lara Feigel, Guardian 2013-01-19)

Of course stage trickery has origins in performance of ancient rites and divinations. (Fortean Times)

I have got no boyfriend, no job, and no prospects. (Woman quoted on R4 programme about quarter-life crisis)

If you are in any doubt about the “beauty = success” equation, then seek out a book called Beauty Pays by Daniel Hamermesh. It’s a guide to the new discipline of pulchronomics, the study of how being better looking leads to being better off. Hamermesh, who gaily describes himself as no Alec Baldwin, finds the equation almost Einsteinian in its incontestability: the beautiful are more likely to find employment, get paid more, and have more attractive and highly educated spouses. Handsome men earn around 13 per cent more than uglier colleagues; prettier women either earn more or have richer husbands. (BBC)

Kids always lacked respect, but since you stopped being a kid, suddenly it's a problem. (Telegraph blog, Jan 2013)

How to find a husband, by Amber Estes.

Hang out around the law school looking “flawless, but seemingly without trying”.

FB pix of yourself in party outfits.

FB pix of yourself with pretty friends – but not prettier than you.

On a first date, don’t give sexual favours. “Let him do most of the talking.”

Once you’re going out, have sex. “Bake for his frat brothers, encourage him to do well on his tests, and impress his momma like it’s the last round of recruitment.” But don’t be controlling.

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