Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Too, too devastating

If you tell us how much destruction was caused by the flood, tornado or tsunami, there's no need to say it was "devastating".

Every tree has been stripped of its leaves, after a devastating tornado in April 2011. (Telegraph March 2012)

There was a catastrophic epidemic that killed 20,000 in Palermo alone.

The catastrophic fire of 1917, which razed much of the city… (Spectator Nov 2011)

devastating floods that left 1,000 acres of farmland unusable

The devastating crash of 2008 Robert Peston 27 Mar 2013

The "devastating explosion" on the Deepwater Horizon rig in April 2010 caused the worst offshore oil spill in US history and killed 11 men. (The Week)

a deadly battle in which 1,000 were killed

The brutal 1960-1996 civil war in which 200,000 people were killed. (And there are no gentle civil wars.)

More tautology here.

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