Tuesday 11 February 2014

Too-Appropriate Metaphors 6

Kale sales rocket
Britain's flood crisis deepens, Thames bursts banks (Sidney Morning Herald Feb 2014)

Like a gigantic wall of granite, the mountains block the rain. (They are a gigantic wall of granite, that’s why they’re blocking the weather system.)

London's Garden Bridge idea takes root

[Seal versus iguana] is a rather one-sided game of cat and mouse. (Galapagos)

“It’s been a lovely day but it’s almost the calm before the storm…” Weathergirl goes on to predict storms all over the country (Dec 29)

Radio 4 PM debate on horse welfare and eating horse meat uses the phrase "shutting the stable door..." (@adamcreen)

[Shooting the last Tasmanian tiger] “was the death knell of an entire species”.  (The death of this animal was also the death of an entire species.)

The athletes trained on an unlikely breeding ground. (It was an unlikely running track.)

where the entire economy operates behind the shroud of the Internet (Veil? Garden wall?)

This plaster was once a canvas for fine decoration… (Restoration Home, 2013-07-13 Actually they painted on the plaster.)

a spate of wildfires (BBC News, March 2013-04-02 A spate is a flood. Try “succession”.)

Drilling through the Antarctic ice to a buried lake is “the cutting edge of science”. (Prof Martin Siegert, Guardian Dec 2012)

There are oak floors you could drown in.

Albatrosses are sitting ducks. (South Pacific)

I was quietly impressed rather than bowled over [by this baseball novel]. (Amazon commenter. Perhaps he meant it.)

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