Thursday 29 May 2014

Inspirational Quotes, 57

Just be yourself, looks don't matter, you're stronger on your own blah blah blah.

Often, Saga functions dramatically as a moral critic of society's loony hypocrisy. (Stuart Jeffries, Guardian blog on The Bridge 2014)

Happy teenagers earn more as adults. (Observer 2014)

Fairness is an imperfectly attainable goal for which any decent society should aim.
(Ian Gordon)

Give yourself permission to immediately walk away from anything that gives you bad vibes. There is no need to explain or make sense of it. Just trust what you feel. (

He got easily the things that I had to work hard for; amusements and friends and money. (The Odd Flamingo, Nina Bawden)

In general, dominant elements in a society dismiss the beliefs of less powerful elements as superstitious. (The Penguin Guide to the Superstitions of Britain and Ireland, Steve Roud)

[They had never] known a moment’s shame of friendlessness, never had they had to look for a partner in dancing or in gym, never had they walked alone from classroom to classroom. (Jerusalem the Golden, Margaret Drabble)

I started to observe others... and acquired the trick of being part of the rest of the human race. I made tentative overtures to other girls at school, the quiet outcasts, and became part of a studious group which went to the cinema at weekends. (The Clothes on Their Backs, Linda Grant)

I was like a much-loved dog that counts on affection from everyone.
Frequently I reminded myself not to "act young" when people were present.
The status symbol principle had operated in the provinces quite as much as in London and conventional men seldom chose odd little wives.
(The Town in Bloom, Dodie Smith)

Infatuation dies a lingering, painful death. Even after all hope is gone the afterglow sometimes stubbornly clings on and on. (Murder, Obliquely, Cornell Woolrich)

Sherlock: We're in a good place. It's very affirming.
Watson: You got that from a book.
Sherlock: Everyone got that from a book.

I still haven’t forgiven the feminist movement of the 1970s for largely rejecting science as patriarchal, a fundamental mistake that’s taken decades to correct. (Wendy Grossman, The Skeptic April 2013)

People who are just shitty to you "for free", just for the sake of being mean, they are the worst. (Agata Pyzik)

I am fairly certain that [people read me] as a Fancy White Lady. Now that I have a wedding ring, I may have reached the very peak of privilege in my lifetime. ( See the French girl who found she got more respect from shop staff and tradesmen if she called herself “madame”. And the woman who got more online writing work when she called herself Richard.)

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