Friday 16 May 2014

Implausible Sports Ride Again

When you're bored with nude midnight rainstorm motorway grass verge running, and cloned mammoth slalom begins to pall, try one of the following (genuine) sports:

night golf with luminous balls

sidewalk skiing (popular in Saudi Arabia, it involves driving your car on two wheels)
paddle-board – stand-on board, propelled with paddle (has own “paddling community”)

disc golf, Frisbee golf, cro golf (“Players throw a flying disc at a target.” Wikipedia)

fist ball (like volleyball)
snow scooting (BMX bike crossed with snowboard)
surf rowing (training for surf rescues)

Triathlon holidays
hound trailing
(the hounds follow an aniseed trail)

scurry driving (“A pair of ponies pull a carriage around a course of cones in an attempt to get the fastest time.” Wikipedia)

water biking (paddle boat with a bike on top)
water motorbiking (like a small powerboat with motorbike handlebars)

skeleton (“Skeleton is a fast winter sliding sport in which a person rides a small sled down a frozen track while lying face down” Wikipedia)

hand board surfing
(a snowboard that can be split in half to form skis)
underwater rugby (started in Germany in the 60s, says the BBC's Mike Bushell)

(“This simplest of all powered aircraft consists of a small motor driving a propeller, worn like a backpack under a paraglider wing and providing thrust to take off, climb and maintain level flight.”)

Heli-skiing, mountain boarding (this is without snow), and para-skiing. New sports include tree-diving (yet more opportunities for arboreal vengeance), zorbing - in which you are loaded into a 10ft- high clear plastic ball and then rolled down a steep hill - and bladerunning, involving jumping out of helicopter on top of a mountain, and then skiing down at incredible speed. (David Aaronovitch)

More here, and links to the rest.

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