Wednesday 9 July 2014

Alcoholic Euphemisms (and More)

There's a fine line...

Lots more alcoholic euphemisms in my ebook:
Boo and Hooray: Dysphemisms and Euphemisms

“Sam is the strongest woman I know. She helped me after I went a bit mad for two dark years.” [Former child star] Aaron Taylor-Johnson has described how he went off the rails after his early success – and how his wife helped him through the aftermath of his “self-destructive moment”. He said he was ready to make the commitment to family life after two years of going “a bit f***ing mad” which helped him mature. “Yeah, I had a self-destructive moment… I started drinking really early. I grew up in a remote little village, what else are you going to do… I blew a shitload of money, and had two years that I cannot even remember… I was f***ing up all my work and my life. It was a shitty, dark moment. I was having a bit of trouble, transitioning, understanding why I was so successful.” (Evening Standard, May 8 2014)

“He was a big drinker too but I don’t know if you could call him an alcoholic. There’s a fine line between drinking too much and being alcohol-dependent.” Tommy Cooper’s daughter searches for the “hooray” term for alcoholic (Daily Record April 2014).

“I note the redtops have started describing Bieber as "troubled". When "troubled" appears "demons" is rarely far behind.” (@davidhepworth, March 2013)

Gilbert Harding often appeared slightly drunk, for which occasions the BBC coined the line: “Mr Harding was overcome by the heat from the studio lights.” (Guardian, Aug 2013)

“Ian Nairn was a bit of a loose cannon.” BBC programme on the architectural critic who was in the pub as soon as it opened and only left when it closed.

“I've learned from years of having ideas and opinions that when someone says 'everyone has an opinion' they usually want to stop hearing yours.” (@MarkOneinFour)

"Let's not bring politics into this" always seems to mean "Let's all agree with what I say." (Andy Shaw/@RedAndy54)

“People who say they like to see orthodoxies challenged mean they like to see other peoples' orthodoxies challenged and their own confirmed.” (Frankie Boyle)

“This new thing of calling anyone who opposes you or sticks up for themselves 'aggressive'.” (@ShappiKhorsandi)

"God works in Mysterious ways = I'm making this up as I go along, please stop asking difficult questions." (Donovan/@MrOzAtheist)

Closed-minded skeptics are merely debunkers.” (via Chris French. Means “they disagree with us”.)

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  1. 'doesn't suffer fools gladly' = unpleasant, didactic and rude; impossible to work with but thinks it's everyone else's fault