Tuesday 3 March 2015

Inspirational Quotes 70

Yet still you wait for parties to make your moves.

This could be a modern sort of relationship. One where the woman takes control.

The mental and physical effort involved in putting on a brave face, going out and being normal around your friends is exhausting.

Women who work in the service industry have a very strange hold over you.

(Romantic Misadventure: A Point-And-Click Quest For Love
, Kit Lovelace)

One thing I noticed right away when I came to live in the small town is they are always talking about something that used to be here but isn’t any more.

Boy, some of these foremen are all crazy on this socialistic stuff and they want a union. So management has got up this Associated Foremen to have meetings and speakers to show them they’re part of top management and get 'em over this union idea.

“We never done it like that. We always kept the machine records in the machine-record book.” “But this is a better way.” “We never done it like that.” “But this is easier, simpler, and more practical.” “This book here, see, we always kept the machine records in this here book.”

(7 1/2 Cents, Richard Bissell)

The authors point out early on in their report that "social psychological research suggests that attractive people are favoured in numerous situations" (a thing you would not have guessed without social science) and soon after we learn that attractive and physically fit men report going on more dates and having sex more frequently than others. (BBC News on a report from NYU)

The central event of our lives is falling in love. (writer on BBC Breakfast)

It always made me sad to see that there were so many unmarried women in the world – sadder still to realize that they were largely unseen because there were so few public places they dared brave without a sense of strain. (Elaine Dundy, The Dud Avocado)

What it amounted to was that I, who had never been ANYWHERE before, had suddenly been around once too often. (ditto)

Why assume neoliberalism will be around forever? And why is "fairer" (and not substantively just or egalitarian) the horizon of possibility? (@davidjmadden)

When you qualify 'human' in 'human rights' as anything but 'all humans', you're left with privileges, penalties and no real 'rights' at all. (James O'Brien ‏@mrjamesob)

People who go on about the inherent liberalism of British culture are almost invariably intolerant reactionaries. (Charles Holland ‏@ordinarycharles)

If the Tories want to replace the Human Rights Act, they should be clear about which of our human rights they wish to revoke. (Andy Shaw ‏@RedAndy54)

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