Thursday 26 February 2015

Haiku 9

When I am lonely

And go for a walk, I see
Everywhere the same
Autumnal dusk.

The monk Ryozen

(Sabishisa ni

Yado wo tachi ide
Izuku mo onaji
Aki no yugure.)

Feels like winter just rolled in
on an Easterly wind

smelling of sulphur
and dead bonfires.

Alan McGinn ‏@Chainsaw_McGinn

We found pieces
of the doomed spacecraft
littering a remote road
in the Mojave Desert.

BBC News

Things sucked into a black hole
aren't permanently lost –
only until the end
and re-birth of the Universe.


Andrew Rader ‏@marsrader

Pitch black still.
How quickly the fig and prickly pear
gave way to the clementine
and chestnut again.

Each year seems to fly faster.

Alex Andreou

Stunning leaf colour
and mass of ladybirds.
One being eaten by spider!

iain green ‏@naturebygreen

Mass of stupidities. Yes.
Untrodden path.
No help, on the contrary.
An alien machinery.

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

Fog burning off
in the Thames Valley

and an almost summer sun.
Heading for Cheltenham.


Listening to the surprisingly deep tones
of rain on the window I realise
I should have gone out
when I first had the idea.

Andrew Brown ‏@seatrout

Autumn begins today.
Time of crystallising breath.
Crunching leaves.
Spectacular light over the sea.
Hibernation. Rediscovery.

myfot ‏@thisismyfot

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