Friday 1 January 2016

Hey Guys, It's 2016!!!

The results of this poll of GOP voters are pretty stunning: Thirty percent of those surveyed expressed support for bombing Agrabah. (For those of you who are struggling with geography, that is the homeland of Aladdin and Jasmine.)
Other results: 54% back banning Muslims from entering the U.S., 46% support a national database of Muslims, and 28% support the WWII Japanese internment policy.
This is America in 2015.(Jeff Chu)

How is that people still watch beauty pageants? What year is this? (Ben White @morningmoneyben)

@greateranglia STILL can’t get their toilets working in 2015??!! (Sarah C @spookyjulie)

Why are grown men being referred to as 'rent boys' in the closing days of 2015 and by pinktrashnews no less (marcus #dogselfiegay ‏@marcuswstow)

Why are black people still being compared to food when it's nearly 2016? (@marcuswstow)

‏2015, folks. TWO THOUSAND AND FIFTEEN. (@Sathnam Responding to Times article on Port Vale not hiring Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink because of fears that “the black manager might become a target for racist abuse from fans”. Owner says “I didn’t take him because of the racial issue the club had got”.)

It’s 2015 and loos will one day be unisex. (Melanie Reid)

Yes, yes, sometimes women propose, but it's pretty much always the guys (happy 2015 everyone) (

And if I want a printout from Google maps that I can actually read, I take a screenshot and print that. (And half the streets aren’t labelled.)

On Twitter, if I want to see a whole picture without losing my place, I pretend I want to reply to the tweet.

More here, and links to the rest.

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