Tuesday 26 January 2016

Haiku 13

Found: a dying star
gobbling a broken planet,
leaving a trail of dust.

Proof-reading my manuscript,
I realised I use the words
tyrannical, puritan, mythic,
binary, future & miasma
far too much.
(Imaginary Cities ‏@Oniropolis)

I have just removed
most repeats of “always” and
nearly all ghastlies.

I have no idea
What the fuck a haiku is
Some syllable shit
Neil ‏@nellyweather)
I just have to say
that is a decent haiku
despite ignorance.

Disaster! A child,
Seeking escaped pet ferret,
Tramples my fernery.

Last night in the rain
Sitting outside a café
In damp ballet shoes.

Look, foggy hazes,
And icy plains and mountains –
New views of Pluto.

In café, man in hivis vest
showing pix of his baby girl
born this morning in a taxi.

Yellow butterfly
is flapping its way down
Dunsmure Road.

I wanted diamonds.
I got a self-assembly
rocking chair kit.
The glue failed to stick
and it remained a pile of
red-painted wooden bits.

Rays of bright spring sun
on taffeta pincushion –
a thin film of dust.

Caught on the bus stop
Waving in the chilly wind
A single long hair.

Wet slippery path.
At the end of the garden
Empty swings dangle.

I am following
two old acquaintances but
they don’t know that.

At the bus stop, dude
with rainbow mirror shades
eats a banana.

More here, and links to the rest.
Picture by Djordje Isailovic

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