Saturday 15 October 2016

Inspirational Quotes 87

I am an example of what is possible when girls from the very beginning of their lives are loved and nurtured by people around them. (Michelle Obama)

We begin relationships in raucous bars and clubs. (Darran Anderson)

Animals will do whatever it takes to win a mate. (David Attenborough)

It was apparent to me even as a child that the religion of Catholicism into which I was born was something between high kitsch, camp hysteria, sinister hierarchy and a vast Outsider Art project. (Darran Anderson)

Starting big school can be an intimidating experience for any child. (BBC Breakfast)

In the same way you can fashion a human-type figure out of a few old paper towel rolls and a cool scarf, sometimes you can fashion a friend out of a human who happens to sit nearby and also does the same job as you. (Jezebel)

The robust, unflappable confidence bordering on delusion that he and many privileged white men possess: the capacity to be rejected forty (40) times and not give up. (US poet Jenny Zhang on the white male poet who submitted poems under a Chinese woman’s name)

There are conventions about how we are supposed to dress and look in television. I have been aware, more or less since I joined the BBC... that even mild eccentricity is frowned upon. Early in my career, a very senior BB executive asked me to remove a green plastic watch. (Robert Peston, Times mag September 12, 2015. Just be yourself, eh.)

According to Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi, it’s better to move somewhere new than it is to will yourself to be more creative. (Jeff Goins)

Remember, SEO is mostly complete toss. (Lee Jackson)

Some people decide to spend most of their 20s single, unattached to anyone. Others search for the right person to marry. ( Tell that to the 70s feminists who thought they had abolished marriage.)

Observe that it is a great error to believe that all mediums of art are not closely tied to their time. (Camille Pissarro)

Special request to all you kids returning to school... if you see someone who is struggling to make friends or being bullied because he/she doesn’t have many friends or because they are shy or not as pretty or not dressed in the most “in” clothes – PLEASE step up. Say hi or at least smile at them in the hallway... (Going the rounds Sept 2015)

Nearly half of all children are bullied every day at school, according to research... Seven out of ten secondary school pupils questioned said they considered changing the way they looked because they were teased, and one in four had felt suicidal because of bullies. Of the 578 adults polled, half were still affected by childhood bullying. Experts said that schools could do more to stop the problem.  (Times Sept 1 2015)

These hotels [where we met] were no longer perched on rocks in California — they had become large, anonymous buildings in the city I was born... There was something about the shape of the body in the chair... and the way he was sitting at the table outside, looking fixedly at the duck pond, that did not look hopeful.  (On being a mistress, Times, June 2015)

Is that what you’re starting to do with me? Just slow fade me out? Just like the others? (Girl undergoing a public break-up on a plane.)

A girl from a fairground family went to Oxford. She admits she was out of her depth, trying to pick up the rules as she went along. “You kind of have to infer it and appreciate they are different... you understand and pick up things. I just thought, ‘I’d better keep my mouth shut and absorb stuff so that I’ll be more prepared for the next time.’ And I was. But it is a learning experience.”

Casual sex is something of a misnomer, for women at least. Generally, if a woman likes a man enough to have sex with him, she hopes that it will lead to something more, and only a tiny minority enter sexual liaisons with the express intention of having a one-night stand. (Suzie Godson)

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  1. I liked 'inspirational quotes'. Women have changed with the times. The surroundings where they are brought up, their education and the moral values taught by their parents maketh a woman. To nurture, to care and to stand-up against abuse should be values taught to both the female and the male child. That will take the world further and make it a better place to live in... My name is priya and I'm from India. My blogs are in I plan to become a writer and write novels.