Wednesday 12 October 2016

Brexit Euphemisms 2

Metropolitan bubble

community cohesion
concerns about immigration

hate crimes
honest debate about immigration

I just want everything to go back to how it was before.

I’m only saying what everybody’s thinking.
I’m not “racist”, I’m “anti-immigration”.

indigenous British people

influx of migrants

legitimate concerns

liberal elite
mass immigration
mixed area
Multiculturalism has failed.

ordinary decent people
political correctness

real world outside the liberal metropolitan multicultural bubble

respect our values
take back control
The English lack a national identity.

the hardworking men and women who built this country

We aren't being listened to.
We must value our own culture.

We need a strong sense of national identity.
Why can’t we discuss immigration?

Words are just a collection of letters. People choose to be offended. What matters is the intention of the speaker: I am going to go on being racist and abusive.

This has always been a Christian country: This has always been a white country. (Some Africans and people from the Middle East have been here since the Romans, say archaeologists. The Anglo-Saxons used to worship Odin. And Christianity started off in Palestine.)

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