Sunday, 25 February 2018

Neologisms 19

privately educated mediocrities (Matthew Sweet)
crudifying (HP)
cultural taxidermy

electric vomiting (EK on thrash metal)
She’s about to get on my last nerve! (MI)
Critically speaking, I’m an onion in the petunia patch.
They’re not picking up their end of the plank.

I’m greener than the Hulk
(with envy).
I got phoned by the head honcho with his hair on fire.
Poser Nostra (from Conservative Woman)
Conseillers de l'ombre (Marine Le Pen has "shadowy counsellors".)

A moron of the first water
He was so cross he was dancing the berserker.Defence officials were summoned to the chief for a “chest-poking”.
The nervous meowing of Early Music on Radio 3. (CB)

South London suburb currently being throttled by turbo-gentrification (

parodistique, abracadabrant, hexagonal, polar (A “hexagonal” novel is a French novel – look at the map, the country is hexagonal, sort of… And a "polar" is a roman policier.)

I enjoy looking around a coffee shop at the ppl. What’re they thinking? Some look ready to cash their chips in, others are animated. And some are eating Bakewell slices with all the finesse of cement mixers. (@Archangel_One)

This lot would be trying to march on Berlin with a plastic fork while simultaneously offering Hitler Scotland in exchange for peace. (Alex Harrowell‏ @yorksranter)

Professor Helen King, who took apart such claims in the academic equivalent of a Vulcan death grip… (Whores of Yore)

Congrats to synthbod gothgod industrial noisenik Gary Numan on his 800th gig. (Rupert Goodwins‏ @rupertg)

Nature red in mandible and pincer! (of a giant crab eating a bird) (@theAliceRoberts)

Twitter is the world’s cheapest focus group. (Andy Bodle)

I’ll need to Corbyn your drainpipe a bit.’ - a builder earlier today, meaning ‘move to the left’. (@PadraigBelton)

Turned on the telly to find a half hr infomercial for a microwave gadget. Am horrified yet awed by the general air of smiley halfwittedness. At opp end of spectrum, started watching film that sounded vaguely intriguing only to find in first 3 mins it was terrible art-school toss. (@lucyfishwife)

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