Friday 10 August 2018

Euphemisms about Racism 12

When people say "you can't say anything any more, what about free speech?" what they mean is they wish comedians could still tell racist jokes on TV. (@gordon_struth)

Article seems to be a politically motivated attempt to further harm the standing of Western civilization and its classical roots. The last paragraph is especially telling: because of her baseless views on morality and politics, the Classics must be cast in a different light. Sad! (@Tweetophon)

Why even bother using phrases like “the standing of western civilization and its classical roots”? By this point, we all know that’s thinly veiled code for “white supremacy.” (@donnazuck)

I guess “overly offended” means not a racist, homophobic douche? (Facebook)

Common alt-lib tactic: tell us to accept "intellectual diversity" (i.e. more bigotry, white supremacy, etc.) but at the same time their entire schtick is telling everyone how dangerous "postmodernism" is and how it has to be vanquished from the university. (‏@OmanReagan)

There's nothing more hilarious (or annoying) than people in positions of real power co-opting the language of oppression: e.g. the Countryside Alliance describing themselves as a persecuted minority. (LW)

Multilingual white children: oh so clever!
Multilingual brown & black children: a burden on schools etc.

I give it three months before the Spectator runs a column arguing that "racist" is a slur. A further month before the Guardian runs several thinkpieces chinstrokingly agreeing in the interests of "nuance". (@kieran_hurley)

I thought this was a good neighbourhood. (US woman who called police because she saw a black man sitting in a car listening to a yoga podcast.)

I read a thing this weekend talking about how journalists (and everyone) can do better at understanding opposing viewpoints and the whole thing was all "you should be respectful and understanding of the furious racists because they just want to be heard". (@prairielaura)

An answer to the Roma question. (Far-right Italian deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini who wants to expel “illegal” Roma.)

“Everyone is so offended these days” AKA “marginalised people have a platform through social media, whereas it was previously easy for me to deny they have a voice and I’m forced to confront my own white supremacy/privilege and it’s the first time I’ve ever been made to feel uncomfortable and remotely accountable.” (SE on Facebook)

What the far right calls “identity politics” is identifying discrimination to end it. (James Mackenzie @mrjamesmack)

Intellectual Dark Web Translator:
Taboo Ideas: eugenics
Free Thinking: eugenics
[any statistic at all for any reason]: eugenics

Incomprehensible discussion of Renaissance art or European cities that seems totally performative and doesn't seem provoked by anything: eugenics

Is there a difference between "I deplore ALL forms of racism" and "all lives matter"? (@stevenpoole)

So maybe you (on both left and right and in the middle) can stop dressing up xenophobia as "concerns about community cohesion". (Laura O'Brien @lrbobrien)

That's MP David Lammy in the picture.

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