Tuesday 1 January 2019

Buzzwords for December 2018

raise a ticket
for log a complaint

thought leaders

destination restaurant

We're headed for cold civil war – unless it’s here already.

Crossrail supposed to open Dec 9, doesn’t, chairman resigns. Transport for London proceeds with bus route cancellations because we can all travel by Crossrail now.


“Nobody cares about Brexit – they just want the whole thing to be over.” (Polls and vox pops disagree.)

the meaningful vote (What would a meaningless vote be like?)

People accuse each other of “ruining Christmas” – because they bought the wrong kind of tree, etc.

pigs in blankets

First sighting of “identifies as on the autistic spectrum”.

Meghan constantly accused of “breaking protocol” for wearing dark nail varnish, an off-the-shoulder dress etc. There are no such protocols. (But will she dress the baby in those strange royal time-warp 50s clothes?)

Leadership now means something like assertiveness or confidence.

Comments on a charity appeal: What these people need is contraception, charity begins at home, none of the money goes to the refugees.

Thin gruel is a popular metaphor – nearly 200 years after Oliver Twist asked for more.

When people say “Facebook is bad”, they’re not talking about using it, but about regulations and Steve Zuckerberg. (Click on the three faint grey dots.)

"Chaos" and "pandemonium" as planes grounded by drone at Gatwick. Oh, now the drone was a hallucination and the media reaction was just hysteria as usual.

Selfie wrist joins texter's thumb, hula-hoop hip and railway spine.

There’s no point banning plastic straws because reasons. (Spent half of my rent money on this gin drink at the Four Seasons only for this sickening paper straw to dissolve in my mouth lmao. Liberalism is a joke. @amber_athey)

redlining (Something about American cities confining housing and industry to separate areas – or is it class-based? Turning up in the Brexit debate as the EU says "thus far and no further".)

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  1. Redlining is very real, primarily race-based, and the effects are still felt in many places in the US even today. On the plus side, technology is letting "them" hide it better.