Tuesday 7 April 2020

Grammar: Howlers 18

Please pay your parking fee before existing. All these howlers have been spotted in the wild.

proper gander
for propaganda (Daily Mail comments)
indigent for indigenous
iistening consul for console
It’s the end of an error! (Era.)
deem for deign
hypercourse for hypocaust

misnomer for anathema
(These things are a misnomer for the Amish.)
verse or verses for versus
dicky bag for ditty bag (Amazon)
remanence for remnants (like it)
castigated for categorized
right-off for write-off

illustrious colours for lustrous

on tenderhooks (It’s tenterhooks – something to do with stretching cloth to dry it.)
motherload (It’s “motherlode” – a lode is a mineral-bearing seam of rock.)
Fiancé for faïence (It's a kind of pottery.)
The left parotid Putin’s propaganda. (Predictive text – parroted.)
High Noon has been a stable of broadcast television for decades. (Staple, as in staple food.)

A small pitcher of au jus.
(“Au jus” means “with a sauce”.)
mandarines for bureaucrats (Mandarins)
Manganese modules litter the ocean floor.

hors devours for hors d’oeuvres
court gesture (jester)
flint nodual (nodule)
full-throated for whole-hearted

conscious for conscience
mental health illness
fait accomplice for fait accomplis
domentisied for demonetised

Low and behold!

banzai tree for bonsai
crouton for cretin (May be spellchecker error.)
devestating, devistating (devastating)
dementure for dementia

spatchcock for shoehorn in or patch together
dupe for ruse (Holmes uses a clever dupe...)
soya glassay ice cream (glacé)

pled allegiance for pledged allegiance
epsilon for ellipsis (Spellchecker?)
nasal gazing for navel gazing 
phenomena for pneumonia
fragrant for flagrant

bi election for bye election

signalling out for singling out
forget-me-knots (Forget me not!)
with all drew respect... (due)
the pity bourgeoisie (petty)
Oh well, fairly dos!

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