Wednesday 22 April 2020

Racist Euphemisms in Quotes

Man of the people

People like Boris because "he tells it like it is" and "says what we're thinking". And he’s a “man of the people”. “Transformation” is always good – hooray! Change can be good or bad, but “I wanted things to change” is code for “I voted for a very right-wing party because I thought they’d get rid of all the brown people”.

The words "migrant", "immigrant" and "expat" were not used interchangeably.  White British people, even if they permanently moved somewhere, were expats. Never migrants. Non-Anglo-Saxon folk were always migrants. Interestingly, the word immigrant applied in the office to non-white folk who were born in Britain and never immigrated. (@DanKaszeta)

A rancid thug was heard hurling racist abuse outside an Indian takeaway in Flintshire. (@marmitemarmz)

The "migrant crisis" is entirely because white people get mithered when they see too many brown people. (@Mc_Heckin_Duff)

"I just prefer small government and liberty" is a very roundabout way of saying you want to bring back slavery. Just say it plain. (@AmyDentata)

“Controversial academic” (read: unrepentant eugenicist) Charles Murray’s new book Human Diversity: The Biology of Gender, Race, and Class dropped yesterday. (@ztsamudzi)

“Not very pretty” and “outspoken” – how Nigel Farage describes Boris writing about “bumboys” and “piccaninnies”. When asked about limiting such language, he says that if we went “down that road” we’d end up with nobody in power at all. (Dec 3 2019)

It is nothing less than a triumph of political correctness – and a damned fine thing that is, too. The freedom traditionalists often claim to speak of strikes me as more like claiming the freedom to be horrible about people who are in some way different from them. (Robert Crampton Times April 2016)

Journalists! Refugees are people. Not water. People DON’T “flow”, “flood” or “swamp”. People “move”, “walk”, “ride”, “run” and “flee”. (@SimonFRCox)

Patel going 'north London elite' which is code for something. I wonder what. (@WhenIsBirths)
Is this like the “New York sense of humour” from The West Wing? (@unamccormack)

(In her speech to the Tory conference last week the home secretary, Priti Patel, pledged to “end the free movement of people once and for all”. The applause was lacklustre but she could barely contain her glee as she added, as a daughter of immigrants, she would take no lectures from the “north London metropolitan liberal elite”. Guardian 2019)

Cool how being against “PC culture” (a zombie word from the 80s/90s) is now a euphemism for “is a white supremacist”. (@ryanaboyd)

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And there's a whole book of them here.

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