Tuesday 4 October 2011

Inspirational Quotes Part Seven

Miss Beale assumed her bright professional smile. (P.D. James, Shroud for a Nightingale)

She had that bland, quiet, undisturbed look and manner which few [nurses] are deficient in — they study it no doubt… Catsmeatshop.blogspot.com

I have plenty of people to do things with. I just have no one to do nothing with. Katharine Whitehorn

...we could fall asleep in each other’s arms but I knew it was play acting and so did he. We weren’t really intimate — it had just been a game. The circus had left town.... Underneath my attempts to appear bubbly, I was hard...Dawn Eden, Sunday Times January 14 2007

"Everybody has a conversational party trick, a one line showstopper statement that makes listeners snap to attention and gives you an instant advantage in any social situation." Observer June 6 04

The study also found that both men and women and older and younger individuals were likely to evaluate relationships based on their conformity to traditional proposal scripts. Schweingruber et al

Best to have a script, to think it through. psychcentral.com

Are we liberated women or are we slags? (Sex and the City, paraphrase)

It’s important for doctors, family members and friends to understand the response type of their patient or loved one with breast cancer and to resist urging a different kind of response... psychcentral.com

“How we think others see us and how we see ourselves affects all our behaviour; book choice is one clue to others and ourselves.” Professor Pam Mara, a psychologist Guardian August 23, 2006

"For a long time, parents discouraged their children from worrying about what others think. They didn't realize how shortsighted and stupid that was," says Mark Leary, a social psychology professor at Duke University who studies impression management.

"We need other people to think well of us." (Time Oct 06)

Now try and reconcile all that with these unhelpful platitudes.

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