Saturday 15 October 2011

Neologisms 2

Denim sandwich

How did we live without these expressions?

a head desk moment

affectations – for handmade artisanal chocolate bars, “overwrought moustaches” and the rest of Brooklyn hipster culture (70s Camden culture all over again). “the packaging is designed by his friends and printed with soy inks on 100 percent postconsumer-recycled, chlorine-free, processed paper that was made from wind-generated energy.” It’s also “precious”. Of course it is. Adrianne Jeffries, New York Observer, 26 July 2011

All the time [these patches of forest] are getting gnawed away. BBC1, Miracle Babies, 2011

angry palm trees for Chinook helicopters

Are the plates moving? Is there going to be change? Bloke on BBC Breakfast commenting on FIFA corruption and geological structures.

budget airline seat How the Independent described Princess Eugenie at Will and Kate's wedding 2011

Canadian tuxedo/denim sandwich for double denim

Graceland is safe. And we would charge hell with a water pistol to keep it that way. Spokesman after Memphis floods May 2011

grand gesturism Tom Dyckhoff

grimly jolly What a bloody shocking building - thank god it's for children otherwise it might have made me cry it was so grimly jolly.
headline chasing
hour-glass economy

If we didn't know would UK pupate into USSR? @politicsworld July 2011

in the proprietary garden behind the paywall Ben Goldacre blog Sept 2011

It leaves no ass unkicked.

knee-mail for prayer

minted and skinted (haute couture/high street)

needlepoint truisms uttered by Oprah Winfrey, Guardian May 26, 2011

oily Uriah Heeps… genuflecting like seaweed. Jeremy Clarkson, Sunday Times, May 1 2011 (like seaweed? Picture a stormy sea and the seaweed waving up and down…)

pantomime horse merger (of two disparate companies) Tom King Times July 2011

perfume-ad aesthetic
Nicholas Barber, Independent on Sunday on arty film May 2011

Philip Green “depicts the London underworld with loads of icy jazz” imdb

polo mint sculptures Andrew Graham Dixon on Hepworth in the Sunday Telegraph May 2011

poserphobia - fear of wearing full cycling kit

quandaring “If you’re quandaring about that one…” Antiques Road Trip

shoulder season for coming up to/down from high season

sofa government for using the chat show sofa as a platform

stealth wealth for minimalist chic

tasted of warmed-up rubber (burger)

the current planning practice of ad-hoc interpretation from manuals of vague platitudes Oliver Wainwright on Stratford “regeneration”, bdonline, 21 Sept 11

the red-meat press (Telegraph, Express, Sun)

The schedule is etched in jello. Murder She Wrote

the type of film that credits the furs and the oil paintings. imdb

the various flavours of Marxism

The Way is “middlebrow cinema at its most unambitious”, said Kevin Maher in The Times May 2011 (He also implied it was glutinously sentimental in an acceptably arthouse way. Barf!)

This corridor goes on for days! Lucy Alexander on Homes under the Hammer

Tim Robey in The Daily Telegraph. If you want a “period romp laced with whispered intrigue, poison and grand passion, with barely a bodice unripped”, rent Patrice Chéreau’s La Reine Margot (1994) instead. That was a feast: “Tavernier gives us a vegan alternative”. July 2011

whispering in the weeds Liam Fox on rumours about him, week of October 10, 2011

Wind’s getting up in that particular teacup, isn’t it? (A friend writes.)

You tiptoed a thousand pounds over the top end of the guide price. Lucy Alexander on Homes under the Hammer, October 14, 2011

More good new coinages here, here, here and here).

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