Thursday, 19 January 2012

Jobs You Didn't Know Existed Part 6

Mostly genuine. Usual disclaimers (legal, moral, safety...) apply.

covert human intelligence source
(computer hacker – see the Leveson Inquiry)

antique shopping tour guide


art selector for interiors

bassoon player (or whatever there’s a shortage of)

boat valet

dreamer-up of names for bands (and paint colours)

email answerer

errand runner

forensic taxonomist

forger of modern art

freelance pavement cleaner

lipsil tester

Mandarin-speaking salesperson at Harrods or Selfridges

manufacturer of fake Ugg boots, GHD hair straighteners etc

oven deep cleaner

paint fantasy land/cityscapes for computer games

patisserie chef

player of musical glasses (glass harmonica)

priest, vicar
(there’s a shortage)

professional lobbyist

professional queuer

rent out your garden

revenge taker

rhino poacher
run alligator-hugging business

sell private jets

student lookalike: go to parties, get drunk and have one-night stands while your employer studies the subject and gets a first

Social Media Expert
(advise businesses, implement socmed strategy)

stunt writer:
Mark Twain employed ”a sort of stunt-writer to prospect for diamonds in South Africa and gather material that Twain could use”. Hilary Mantel, Guardian March 2010

temporary house-sitter to take in packages, wait for gas man etc.

totem pole carver

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  1. I was disappointed not to find a saggar-maker's bottom-knocker in your list: