Wednesday 20 June 2012

More 80s Decor

Stair-step and diamond motifs. Teal, mauve, peach, purple and turquoise.

Colour combinations
chrome yellow, green and tomato
French navy, old rose, jade and mustard with a dash of primrose
apricot and grey
pink and grey
black, white red and grey

Random trends
red and green tulip prints on chrome yellow
all-over giraffes, stars, bears
roses, frills, pink, lace
German (Poggenpohl) rustic wooden kitchens
woodwork stained dark browny-red inside and out
octagonal tiles
amusing teapots

lamps in the shape of old movie cameras or movie lights
tulip wall lights
quarter-globe uplighters on the wall
replica 30s bankers’ desk lights
optical fibre lamps

Hotels and cafes
wallpaper in jade, mauve, pink and silver
fake marble tiles with fake marble tile dadoes, mugs printed with fake marble tiles

Tasteless but lovely
diamond-shaped mirrors
mirrors printed with breweryana
glass-topped chrome tables
black hexagonal plates
large framed sepia photographs (of country scenes or small girls in white pinafores)

rag rolling and sponging
“artisanal” beige tiles
Redouté rose prints in forest green mounts
narrow mugs with flared brims
dark green china with thin gold line
tulips in Chinese vases

Really tasteful
yellow walls and an antique globe

More 80s decor here.

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