Monday 26 November 2012

Overheards II

I think this is a genre. How many actually happened?

OH in Bloomsbury: "Now, Ethan, we're going to Waitrose, so prepare yourself." (@Highgatemums)

In Waitrose the discipline is of a more passive aggressive nature. Mother to son, as once genuinely overheard: Yes, Oscar, I know it’s your birthday but no, you still can’t have Wotsits. (Deborah Ross, Times magazine, 3 Sept 2011)

Allegedly overheard: "Put that papaya down, Orlando!" And: "Oh no, I’ve got pesto on my gilet!"

O/H shouted at child in buggy in Elephant & Castle shopping centre: "Serenity, seriously, will you shut the f*** up." (@giles_fraser)

Overheard in Sainsburys Muswell Hill: Harry, you're behaving like an amoeba. (@IntervalThinks - trusted source)

Making ladybirds at the marvellous Stratford Discovery centre. Mother to 5 year old girl: "Very good, but it's not exactly SYMMETRICAL." (@DrMatthewSweet - and if you can't trust him, whom can you trust?)

People are making them up now:While shopping at Waitrose I overheard a 6yr old say to his dad.... "Daddy does Lego have a 't' at the end like Merlot?" (@Keith_Floyd_)

Almost as good as "Sebastian, get a bloody move on, the salad's wilting" overheard in the veg aisle of Waitrose (Jim Atkins ‏@JimityJim)

Overheard in Waitrose, Southsea. Child whining "But Mummy I really really want a Mango". (

In Henley on Thames Waitrose, I overheard "Tabitha darling, please pick up some soap for the guest cottage." (

But I really did hear: Precious! Ave you seen Angel?

And at Glyndebourne: He couldn’t be more crude. Absolutely no sophistication at all. And (with great smugness): You see, I can't do Twitter.

She's my sister; just let her live her life.
(Tom Fisher)

Overheard on the tube: It's really futuristic. That style is NOW. It's really futuristic. (@wendyg)

Overheard on Prince Street: Up jumped the devil in a pink tuxedo! (@Luxlotus)

On the train from Dublin to Belfast: I was the first single woman in Belfast to get a dishwasher.

Just overheard 2 women on bus. 1 said "I always keep a tomato in the house." The other replied "Yes, you can't go far wrong with a tomato." (@RichardWiseman)

Overheard in Colinton restaurant: All those tops that you wear with jeggings and treggings you can wear with a pencil skirt too. (@ElspethMurray)

Overheard on the tube yesterday: "They probably respect you behind your back". I never discovered who "they" were but I suspect they don't. (The Brig ‏@Terry_Hayward)

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