Monday 19 November 2012

Neologisms 6

Unless you've been studying penguins in the Antarctic...

circling the plughole: doomed species or phenomenon

crag-fasted: stuck on a crag

Davison’s Doctor and his confluence of companions (

dissimilating: the opposite of assimilating

horse ballet: dressage

I'm really carbon-dating myself now, Bill. (Lord Coe on BBC Breakfast)

I’ll bet my left arm there’s narcotics in that bag. (Nothing to Declare)

iFatigue  The endless cycle of Apple products that are released at the pace of a rampaging water buffalo and have little to no practical advancements over the previous versions. (Dogears on Urban Dictionary, November 13 2012)

It’s not been any further east than Ramsgate. (Tim Wonnacott on Bargain Hunt, Sept 2012)

lolarious (@RopesToInfinity)

outlier responses (on graph)

preening nonachievement: Yet it is the failures who stand out and set the tone, none more so than Brian Howard, whose name has become a byword for preening nonachievement. “Expected, not least by himself, to write novels that would out-Firbank Firbank in their orchidaceous subtleties,” Taylor remarks, “he ended up a tragicomic turn in novels by other people.” (

read the funeral service over/last rites over (a phenomenon)

The “waterfall of words” defensive technique. (@hopisen)

The attempt to try and long-grass it for three years into the other side of the election is just not realistic. (Bojo on the Estuary airport, Aug 16 2012)

The government has already started to adjust the spigot. (New York Times on mainland Chinese immigration to Singapore, July 12)

the red light has been flashing on the Olympic dashboard for some time (BBC1 news)

They climbed on the bandwagon and fell off the other side.
truth is fallen in the street (Bible)

turn on the afterburners (Victoria Pendleton)

Universities don’t have rubber walls. (BBC Breakfast, Sept 2012)

Unless you’ve had your head in a haystack/been studying penguins in the Antarctic for the past three months you’ll know that…. and variations.

uranium's ever-present decay chain radio-daughters (wiki) (uranium and its radio-daughter radium)

vintique (@LadyKentmores)

Vortex of boring and proponent of the Ikea acting method, Kristen Stewart (@distant_angel)

We grope for the wall like the blind, and we grope as if we had no eyes: we stumble at noonday as in the night; we are in desolate places as dead men. (Bible)

Wondered when the inevitable crow-barring in of the Beatles would happen (@distant_angel on the Olympics opening ceremony)

World War Three has stood at our doors with great patience. (@murraygold)

You are just indoctrinated with an anachronistic idea that cardigans don't suit men under the age of 70. Undoctrinate yourself, please. (Hadley Freeman, The Guardian, Sept 2012)

You’d be tiptoeing towards £550 a month. (Homes under the Hammer)

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