Tuesday 6 November 2012

Inspirational Quotes 23

Just believe in yourself and everything will be fine, or something.

What if your as-yet-unfulfilled life plans didn’t need more will, just skills? Oliver Burkeman, Guardian, Aug 4 12

If you have always failed then you need to examine why, 
so you can change your losing strategy into one that might work. Otherwise you will fail again and be disappointed or angry with yourself for failing. (Friend AM writes) 

Women fare worse economically after divorce, which is why some choose to turn a blind eye. Suzi Godson, Times Aug 4 2012

Relationships should build you up, not tear you down. End relationships with people who bring you down. (@kimgarst)

Cults have always been a social club for lonely people. http://neuroskeptic.blogspot.co.uk

I like to hang around restaurants at midday, pretending I'm on a lunchbreak, too. I sit near people who work in offices and laugh at all their stories, about their awful bosses, about all the overtime they have to do. If anyone asks, I'm called Mary and I'm a secretary. In fact, we're workmates. Since it's holiday season, I can say I'm a temp and that's why they don't recognise me. And they let me in, especially if I say: "Who do you have to sleep with around here to get some stationery?" Susan Calman, The Guardian, Aug 16 2012

Shocked reactions from people when I tell them I don't want marriage or children, like I'm betraying womanhood. (@EverydaySexism)

If we don’t have free will, we act and feel as though we do. Even those who deny it exists behave as if they have it. We may not have the ability to choose, but we choose to think we do. New Scientist editorial, Aug 11 12

People don't mean "be yourself, don't copy others" in the 
absolute. What they don't want is their children copying Kev and Tracey from down the road. (Friend MB writes)

It is all a question of fashion. There have always been fashions. (Hercule Poirot on hippies)

It’s crazy because you change and we grow older, and suddenly you realize some things are (and aren’t) expected from you, especially when it comes to wardrobe choices. Once you end up in the latter half of your 20s, you have to start thinking about what kind of adult you want to be. Chictopia.com Aug 2012

There’s something spiritual about marriage. We lived together before so it doesn’t feel hugely different, but making that commitment in front of your family and friends changes things. You take that extra step and you know that, no matter what, you are there for each other, through thick and thin. (Tom Aggar, Times mag 25 Aug 2012 You also get legal rights.)

The British have two settings: repressed and drunk. (@HallieRubenhold)

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