Monday 12 November 2012

Inspirational Quotes 24

Be a unique snowflake! Be a tall poppy! (No don't!)

For a long time I wondered if the outgroup status of cyclists was compounded by two other known social psychological factors: norms and majority vs. minority groups.
Not only are cyclists an outgroup, they’re also a minority outgroup. Moreover, they are engaging in an activity that is deemed slightly inappropriate in a culture that views driving as normative and desirable and, arguably, views cycling as anti-conventional and possibly even infantile. The Psychologist, September 2012

What other people think
- what is deemed to be acceptable behaviour - is probably a key determinant in shaping behaviour. (Gaby Judah,

We observe people around us keenly, and when we don’t know what to do, we often decide by watching the actions of those we know well or respect… and pay close attention to the social nuances conveyed by body language. (New Scientist, Aug 2012)

At my depot it depends whether you're on the blue-eyed boys and girls list or the hit list, I now realise. (A bus driver)

In many ways, your 30s are your most important years. Typically, this is when you settle down and start a family. (

I almost fell off the edge of the exam table in my astonishment. That's what explained vaginal versus clitoral orgasms? Neural wiring? Not culture, not upbringing, not patriarchy, not feminism, not Freud? (Naomi Wolf, Guardian Sept 2 12)

Being in love [in the 70s] was considered undermining of female independence. (Emma Brockes, Guardian Sept 2 12)

[Thalassaemia] challenges the individual on a psychosocial level, especially in the adolescence stage when the teenager is confronted with various difficulties like identity formation, developing intimate relationships and entering the working world. [He] is not seen as a person with a physical problem but as a weak, different, inadequate, incapable being for whom we feel sorry… [The condition] often leads to short stature and delayed puberty. Consequently, they are likely to suffer from reduced self-esteem, poor self-image, increased dependence… The Psychologist September 2012

The older you get, the harder it is to meet people because the circles are tighter and smaller. Kim Catrall, The Times Sept 1 2012

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