Friday 28 March 2014

Overheards 5

Impress me, Emerald!

Teacher: I need you to impress me, Emerald!

‏Latitude is great – there are multi-coloured sheep!

If Brian Eno had made a Carry On film it would be brilliant.

The pen? Don’t tell me it’s in the pen pot! Surely not!

[On the phone] I love your sneakers! I wish I was wearing them now!

It's very strange being in a city you aren't really in.

In the charity shop
Sonia could crochet something like that.

In the café
Older lady: There’s a cupcake café in Camberley!
Small boy: What does “hyperactive” mean?
Two architects: It’s Tudorbethan – either someone’s got a tremendous sense of irony or no sense of irony at all.
Girl: This is bubble and squeak. I can’t believe you’ve never had bubble and squeak. It’s like fried carrots. It goes really well with eggs.

At the bus stop
This was all like – I know Brian.
I just can’t be doing with it, Julie. I can’t be arsed.
I found one that was very similar and it was grey.
When they do magic, they don’t say anything – all them Japanese people.

On the bus
Black men! That’s what we need on the currency – not more women! Not bloody Virginia Woolf! They just need to use more dye!

Man on phone outside my son's nursery: "A shepherd. She's a f***ing SHEPHERD! You won't believe who got Mary." (@mrnickharvey)

"I'll be damned if I'm gonna be shaped by the ugly things in life. I only allow myself to be crafted by life's beauty." #HeardinTottenham (@HeardinLondon)

Overheard: "I suppose I have a bit of the Gipsy in me. I was born in Essex, but moved to Horsham." (@Lord_Steerforth)

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  1. My favourite Nativity casting moment is always the child who is going to be the star. So you think she's got a major part, but she's standing beside the stable with a big cardboard shape in front of her.