Tuesday 14 July 2015

Euphemisms about Banter (in Quotes)

Jeremy’s a character. (ex-Stig, in week of Clarkson sacking)

Adjectives to Describe Women: A Pocket Reference. Brassy: Speaks. Bold: Speaks. Feisty: Speaks. Brave: Speaks. Outspoken: Speaks. (@ABCnewsIntern)

Women in the workplace exist to be fun and a good sport – that is, not to resist the men’s sexual advances. (LRB on Mad Men (paraphrase) March 2015)

[rants using a bunch of slurs and stereotypes] *profile describes person as "champion of reason"* (@AmyDentata)

I don't know when 'straight-talking' came to mean being an inconsiderate a***hole. (Karl Sharro ‏@KarlreMarks)

AprilFool jst makes me v anxious as I asociate it with a masive escalation in bulying undr the guise of "aBitOfFun" tht alwys hapnd @ school (‏@Furmadamadam)

Some people call it having more self-esteem. Others call it not being a doormat. Some call it standing up for your own beliefs. Some call it making your voice heard. I was told it's "tending to my own needs"... (@koenfucius on bullying. You could call it assertiveness, too.)

Parody UKIP pledge: “Downgrade ‘racism’ to ‘banter’” (Many think that once they've renamed "racism" as "banter" they've had the last word. They also think they have changed the phenomenon and it now IS banter. Rinse, repeat.)

Mystifying that women who complain vociferously about anything are FEMINAZIS; men who threaten violence are just engaging in BANTER. (Lee Jackson ‏@VictorianLondon)

A***hole signifiers in Twitter handles & bios: "truth", "hypocrites", "banter/bantz", "liars", "tells it like it is", "no filter", "Mensch". (Barfe of Millbrook ‏@LFBarfe)

"Comedy Terrorist" is another good one. Well, I say "good". (Walter Dunlop ‏@waltydunlop)

"Disrespecter of the Thought Police." (Gormlessghast ‏@Trim_Bachelor)

"Dom Jolly". (chinnyhill10 ‏@chinnyhill)

Also either "atheist" or "friend of Jesus". Esp. if both in same bio. (Stephen Coltrane ‏@sjcoltrane)

Also anything at all about "political correctness". (JDMC ‏@MotoClark)

More here, and links to the rest.

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