Monday 20 July 2015

More Music Genres

My new favourite genre is 80s southern sci-fi synth-gospel (Andrew Male)

Electro & psychedelic rock mixed with Moog Afro electro funk moves that will have your head spinning. (via Twitter)

There's only one kind of music that isn't bollocks and that's trance garage hippy house metal with overtones of hip-hop snatch reggae, a brief undercurrent of dub-rap classical convertive pop in an avant-garde revival bluegrass stylee topped off with a liberal smearing in the midrange and the inclusion of massed (150+) harps. (LP)

Ethereal, Glo-Fi, Chillwave, Ambient, Lush, Dream-Pop, Atmospheric, Soundscape (group on Soundcloud)

Glitch Hop / Whomp / Midtempo / Bass / Ghetto Funk / Hop / Global Bass / Trap / Moombahton / Electro Soul / Future Funk or any Swing / Blues / Balkan / Tropical / Cumbia / Gypsy Jazz / Circus / Funk and Soul INFLUENCED BASS MUSIC (group on Soundcloud)

chilled-out jungle
Christian metal
deep house
drone rock (via @sumit)
Dronescape, Dark Forest (These seem to be bands.)

epic emotional electronica
jukebox musical (like Mamma Mia)
Korean trance pop

math rock
minimal ambient
modern melodic metal
nuanced dirt-pop

plunderphonic (Gareth Rees)
psych folk

space house
space rock
stoner doom

surf creep
Synth Wave, OutRun and Dream Wave (synths)

More here.

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