Saturday 17 October 2015

Dangling Modifiers III

Drab and unloved
The first subordinate clause in a sentence refers to the subject of the sentence. If it refers to the object, or to a possessive, you get a dangling modifier.

Drab and unloved, Simon has done wonders to turn it into the family dining room. (Restoration Man, July 2014)

A contemporary of Isaac Newton,
Robert Hooke’s slides are being exhibited at the Royal Society’s Big Draw... (Times October 2015)

Made up of shell and V stitches, you will be warm and feel wonderful in this shawl.

Built over centuries, medieval masons never saw their cathedrals finished. (@greg_jenner)

Gauche and engaging, we see the country “set” through her bedazzled eyes...

With distinctive shields on one side of the tower, businesses were said to be queuing up to move in, but it has stood empty since 1996. (Evening News, Norwich)

Flying across our garden at high speed, I could swear that I saw what looked like either a House Martin or a Swallow.

Buffeted by falling prices, will the Chancellor come to the aid of the oil industry? (BBC News)

Set in 1595, all tickets for the first three shows are $15.95. (John O'Farrell ‏@mrjohnofarrell)

Abandoned since 1962, the locals have given Piney Fork Tunnel another nickname. (huffpost)

Sated by suet crust, feeling more virtuous than Paul McCartney, the bucket dinner is a moment to marvel.

Like Nutella, I'm finding that homemade sweet chestnut puree can be spread on anything...literally anything...

Hidden away deep behind the Tower's age-old walls, the princes’ royal blood made them dangerous claimants to the throne... (New Statesman)

After ten years in the doldrums, the Hotel Inspector is determined to release the potential of the West Usk Lighthouse.

Charged with murdering her husband, her friends and family stood right behind her. (Paula Zahn)

Used for cutting, scraping, killing and piercing, both Neanderthals and modern humans depended on their tools for survival. (Natural History Museum)

Opened in August 1977, the first pupils at the Diesterweg Secondary School (originally the Ranke Grammar School) will now be 49 - and hopefully looking as good as their old alma mater. (

Now facing a $95 million renovation, some city commissioners are calling for [the building’s] demolition. (

Formerly the great chamber of Jacobean Blickling, Charles II was entertained here in 1671. (James Thorne)

Now a ruined, ransacked shell, lottery money has given the modernist masterpiece of St Peter's seminary the hope of a new start. (Guardian Dec 2013)

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