Sunday 18 October 2015

Haiku 11

is as useless
as the rustling of leaves.
Karl Sharro ‏@KarlreMarks

Trying to tell him
about my yearning to see
oil distilleries and funicular railways
and shabby motorway services
and ferry terminals.

Fog-enveloped radio mast in Carlisle
is one of the eeriest, coolest things
I've ever seen.
Ah the M6.
We are together again
at last my sweet.
Thy yellow orange lamps
bathe me in baleful light
as the miles slide by.
I think I must have dreamt
that very nice bunshop
in Highgate
that didn't exist
this afternoon.
Polly ‏@IntervalThinks

So windy.
Blowing the crows around
Like angry ash.
Paul Western-Pittard ‏@Cerullean

There must be more to life
than trying to reach the next level
on Candy Crush...
but I can't think of anything
off the top of my head.

Hopefully one day
Hollywood platitudes of overcoming adversity
will be replaced with grinding reality
and the laughter of the damned.
Imaginary Cities ‏@Oniropolis 

The zoo with the bear
also has a sauna
with a panoramic window
into the wolf enclosure.
Andrew Brown ‏@seatrout 

In the Edgelands at night,
no humans remain.
The environment is ruled
by mutant junkyard dogs.
Simon Sellars ‏@ballardian

On the Hubble photo
Like a leopard clinging
to what remains
of the trunk of a burned tree,
possibly mourning it.
Claire Siegely ‏@SiegeFeathers

Airplant – a present.
I didn’t notice when it died.
It looked just the same.

Sterilised milk, yams.
Fly specks on the pink iced buns.
Scent of incense, dogs.

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