Sunday 3 April 2016

Too-Appropriate Metaphors 7

And unfortunate.

We are literally a cauldron of different diversities. (Glastonbury resident)

The squirrel’s simple wing makes it a sitting duck. (BBC nature prog It’s a sitting squirrel.)
This messenger pigeon was a sitting duck. (A sitting pigeon.)

It’s like shooting fish in a barrel! (a programme about lion fish)

There’s a nationwide ‘biscuit drought’ after the Carlisle McVitie’s factory was flooded in December (BBC)

Feel the bottomless satisfaction tonight! (Viagra scam)

This dog can unleash a savage bite. (Steve Backshall Inflict?)

The cliff railway has broken new ground. (Flog It!)

J. S. Fletcher wrote more than two hundred books in his storied career. (Amazon)

Cigarette fakers are blazing a trail across the country. (Matt Allwright, Fake Britain)

We opened up another trench as a last-ditch attempt to find something in the interior. (Tony Robinson on Time Team Last trench attempt?)

A morning-after pill that works for up to five days after sex and doesn't need a prescription has been quietly rolled out in pharmacies across the country.

BP sees 'massive' shock for North Sea as oil glut deepens (Telegraph Overflows?)

So, Michael Flatley – big shoes to fill? (Brenda Emmanus, BBC News)

The reason for all this fanfare... (BBC Breakfast reporter on deck of the Britannia, being stalked by a brass band)

This sovereign could be worth its weight in gold.

Women in architecture were failing to break the glass ceiling. (Architects Journal)

Cat shows up, demands food, wolfs it, leaves. (@HamishMThompson)

Chancellor is "balancing the books on the back of the poor". (#bbcnews 2014 Jan 6)

Despite declining food stocks, these seals are looking healthy. This marine biologist will be helping to unearth their secret. (Footage of her leaping into the sea. Oceans)

...a spindly creature who turned out to be the party’s election candidate for Bristol West. He used to be in the RAF, but, explained Baroness Jones earnestly, “He’s been working in Green fields for some time.” (Telegraph on Jenny Jones and the Green Party press conference)

Violent lightning erupts inside ash cloud as volcano spews lava.

They examine the beach with a fine tooth comb. (They can be seen examining it with a sieve.) (Eden voiceover)

Each egg is pregnant with possibility. (Yesterday)

“This is a very important step forward for them,” said a spokeswoman from the Kentucky Spinal Cord Injury research Center [about the injured possible re-learning to walk].

One hot-headed soldier could have triggered a disaster. (BBC on skirmishes in Ukraine, Mar 4 2014)

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