Saturday 17 October 2020

Inspirational Quotes 99

One person’s “fun joke” is often another person’s “painful jab”.
(Danny Lavery)

The only thing worse than a prankster is a prankster who thinks he's doing some kind of important social experiment. (@EddieRobson)

It's funny how it's so often the oppressor rather than the oppressed that thinks things should remain the same. (@MrOzAtheist)

Scientific evidence can be threatening when it challenges an important belief. It makes you feel anxious, upset, and/or embarrassed. It makes you question your own intelligence, moral standing, and group alliances… anything that draws the ingroup-outgroup line in the sand is likely to lead to defensive resistance if it appears that the science or its source is the outgroup. (BPS Research Digest)

“You never know.” “No; but generally one can make a shrewd guess.” (Murder Must Advertise, Dorothy L. Sayers)

Migrants can see virtues in their country of adoption that natives have either taken for granted or forgotten, and new arrivals can be enthusiastic about customs, ceremonies and habits that the born and bred feel faintly embarrassed by. (Michael Gove)

We thought that humans were invincible, that as we evolved we were crowding out every possible competitor and that the story was a simple one, where you have a lineage become aggressively more humanlike with bigger and bigger brains and more sophisticated behaviour. (Prof John Hawks)

Increase in cringe humor in modern television is related to the increasing prevalence of behavioral and psychological disorders in society. (@pomofoco, 2017)

How smart people think you are is just as important as how smart you actually are. (

This is what Aristotle, talking about rhetoric, called ethos, or the question of how your audience sees you. And the best way for them to see you is either as one of them, or someone on their side.
(Sam Leith)

Encourage your children to get involved in lots of activities – sport, dance – and keep busy. (BBC Breakfast vox pop)

If you think historical TV dramas are about the realities of the past, and not about what we care about now, you are in for quite a shock. (@greg_jenner)

He, early sensing that she was impervious to his charm, wasted no more of it upon her. (Falling, Elizabeth Jane Howard)

This entire idea, that hard work will set you free, goes back to Plato - who proposed it as a lie we tell those whose labour is exploited. (Via Facebook)

Since I've followed James Wong I've had to rethink many of my beliefs/principles. That's what Twitter is great for. Educating. Challenging. (@ConsultantMicro)

Sometimes we like to think of ourselves as someone who might just move to Ireland tomorrow, or become a professional kickboxing announcer, or whatever, and realizing that life does not contain infinite possibilities and choices is always an ego-bruiser. (Danny Lavery)

 It is a truth universally acknowledged that a man finishing a statement with 'fact' will be talking unconscionable tripe. (@jk_rowling)

What we say when we are angry is reflective of what we think when we are not. (@absurdistwords)

People going on about "positive attitude" like I'm one of those awful hippy shops with dreamcatchers and posters of dolphins. (Ian Dunt)

I always raise an eyebrow when the occult becomes 'popular', which it does every few years. (Liz Williams)

Since Freud’s death in 1939 a growing number of dissenting voices have questioned his legacy and distanced themselves from his ideas. (Guardian, 2017)

“Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand” focuses on the empowerment of the individual, rather than the collective… In the spiritual business world, I’ve seen FLEB perpetuated by white women entrepreneurs who devote themselves to doing deep spiritual work for themselves and their clients, and yet remain absolutely silent on anything to do with politics and justice. (

There’d always seemed to me to be something so dirty-sweatered and dirndl-skirted about living with a man you’re not married to. (Elaine Dundy, The Dud Avocado)

I remember a time when church leaders tut-tutted over the decline in Christian belief and church attendance, telling us that, if it continued, there would inevitably be a huge increase in crime. The decline in belief and church attendance has continued apace, but crime...? Well, actually, that's declined too. Oooops! (WS)

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