Friday 16 October 2020

Jobs You Never Knew Existed: In Quotes 3

Retrain for a job in "cyber"? Why not pick something more imaginative.

Facebook trainer showing people what the three grey dots do and how to turn their family into a group/list etc.

Teacher of reading to children who are being “taught” by the “whole language” method, and think they just “can’t read” because they’ve never been shown how.

MS Word tutor for those who are still afraid to cut and paste. Explain gently that it works for Facebook too.

Give Search lessons
to people who are still scrolling through PDFs and web pages (on a shared Zoom screen). Get them to look at menus and learn keyboard shortcuts.

Zoom tutor

I liked the idea of being a freelance religion designer.
(Neil Gaiman)

Influencers command giant social media followings and get paid large sums for speaking engagements, collaborations, brand spokesperson jobs, product placements in their videos... How did he go from YouTube to book deals, music albums, a coffee company and now a clothing line? (

A cottage industry has sprung up on the internet, SELLING phony IDs and vests for fake “service animals” in the States.
(Via Marcia Kelly Illingworth)

My ex was an artist for Flight Sim (both planes and trees and that) and I drove around loads of cities photographing buildings for modelling them at home.

I learn that Benfica employ an eagle-wrangler to kill/scare off the pigeons in their stadium, and I wonder how one becomes an eagle-wrangler for a leading European football team, because it sounds a fun career. (@holland_tom)

Vanguard tackled many different styles and subjects—landscapes, bullfighters, supercute or sad children, boats at sea, flowers, architecture, still lifes, romantic images of old Europe, and more—very well, with the representative pieces often mirroring the illustrative style of the day. Lee Reynolds Burr painted original works that were then copied by his crew of artists, but as business grew, he hired Americana painter Harry Wysocki as Vanguard’s chief designer and employed Argentine artist Aldo Luongo to contribute designs. Burr periodically traveled to Europe (where he hung out with Salvador Dali) to buy paintings at auctions that he could then replicate at his LA studio for mass consumption.

YA Novelist Kosoko Jackson is black and gay, and a professional sensitivity reader, which means he reads books before publication and offers advice on how they handle matters of identity. Seconds (film and book by David Ely) “portrays a sinister organisation that gives jaded middle-aged businessmen the opportunity to fake their death and invent a new life for themselves". (Times Jan 2019)

Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney were given assistants who would advise, mandate, and report back to the studio on every aspect of their behaviour. Rooney was fully aware of his studio-appointed "friend's" real purpose. Garland, sadly, was clueless. When she discovered her long-time confidante was a secret nanny-spy, she was devastated. (

Joylina Goodings is a spiritual life coach, angel expert, speaker, workshop leader, writer, author of Your Angel Journey and President of BAPS.

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  1. Agatha Christie books of a certain era - 50s maybe - had rich businessmen who had a valet-masseur-chauffeur, or 2 out of 3, which seemed like an interesting combo, and possible euphemism (not in Christie, in life)