Thursday 1 October 2020

Loopy Logic 5

We don’t need to make this pedestrianised shopping street disabled-friendly – it’s for everyone.
We don't cater gay weddings. We serve everyone.

Mayflies live for a day. (As larvae, they live for about three years – then emerge from the water and live for a day.)

Whales have breeding grounds, and feeding grounds – but they live in the sea!

One part of the reason is: one reason is (It's better to have many reasons than one reason divided into parts.)

It’s always in the last place you look!

I could care less.

set in stone (You set things in concrete, and carve them into stone.)

Temperatures approached 30C.
(Temperatures reached 28C.)

Marketing bull that irritates me "An almost infinite number of possibilities". So not infinite in any way at all, but entirely finite. Grrr! (@MrBLawton)

PM makes 360deg rotation on cigarette packaging. (You mean 180 degree – 360 degrees takes you back to where you started.)

priceless (The price is very very high.)

an empty bottle of brandy: an empty brandy bottle

Uprooting themselves and moving to the other side of the world would be the toughest decision they’d ever have to make: It would be the toughest thing they’d ever have to DO, if they decided to do it.

"The time is rapidly approaching..." No, it's not. Time passes at the same pace.
Except at the edge of a black hole. (@FastMacsTweet)

It has come to the point where its now almost impossible to turn the clock back. (Eric Pickles, 2013)

The future is already here.

And if our lives are more "fast-paced" than ever before, surely we have more free time, not less?

including the likes of X, Y and Z ("Including X, Y and Z" is meant, not people like them.)

flammable and inflammable
mean the same, likewise boned and deboned.

There's more than one consensus! (Brexiteer)

The wine won hefty plaudits. (A plaudit could be warm, or loud – but hefty?)

15 photos that will convince you that Iceland belongs on another planet.

I think she wore some disguise – such as one of her trademark silk scarves – while driving, so that she would not be recognised. (The Queen’s dog trainer Roger Mugford)

I'm undecided because I don't know enough about it but I will be voting 'out'. (BBC news vox pop)

If he was alive today he’d turn in his grave!

Surely your enemy's enemy is, er, you? (@lucyfishwife)

Gold standard dross. (Gillian Darley Dross is what’s left over after gold is refined.)

This very comfortable hideaway is located in a sunny undiscovered quiet Mews.

Norwich: twinned with Rouen, Koblenz and Novi Sad (Quintupleted?)

Fillet of a fenny snake/In the cauldron boil and bake. (If you’re going to boil it, you can’t bake it at the same time.)

It would right an equality imbalance.
(BBC on women in the theatre. Equality would mean 50% men, 50% women.)

Gays have enough equality! (Said some bishop.)

Indian giver (It was the British who gave and then took back from the Native Americans.)

Ouija boards: oui-nein boards (Both "oui" and "ja" mean "yes", in French and German.)

2001 was groundbreaking, wasn’t it? Yes – at the time! (BBC Breakfast)

Chinese house prices shrinking. (Numbers can only rise or fall.)

monolithic concrete (Concrete is concrete, not stone – lithos in Greek.)

He is one of the only thespians on the planet who possesses a PhD
. (yahoo news. One of the few.)

Ken should fall on his sword and walk. (Andrew Dismore)
You rush to the door, frozen in horror.

three-week anniversary

You could hear a pin drop! (You an only hear a pin land.)

How can there be self-help groups? (LC. They're mutual-help groups.)

We’d like to introduce our children to a global world. (Head teacher on BBC Breakfast)

Next we'll be hearing about how the average Homo Erectus IQ was 150.
(The average IQ of a population is always 100. From a Web discussion about Neanderthals – don’t go there.)

fully lined, fully fashioned, fully licensed

I pay someone to come and do my DIY for me. (Nick Knowles)

deceptively spacious: more spacious than it appears at first sight
deceptively deep: deeper than expected – deceptively shallow

You really need to think about reinstalling some original features.
(Lucy Alexander on Homes under the Hammer, June 2012)

The experiment has failed! (It didn’t produce the results we wanted.)

World records won’t be broken, they’ll be shattered into a million pieces. (You can’t do more to a world record than break it.)

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