Wednesday, 5 January 2022

Grammar: Howlers 23 (Short Ones)

The Lion, the Witch and the Waldrobe
, full of sound and flurry – what the blue blazers? I'm sure you would never perpetrate howlers such as these.

impunity from prosecution (immunity)
pho jewellery (faux)
entrained for ingrained

escaped goat (scapegoat)
cower to for bow to
repost for riposte (Times April 13 2021)
in the same vain (vein)

in turns of (in terms of)
scotch free (It's "scot free".)
canopy for canapé
don for sport (put on/wear)
Stock and trade (stock-in-trade)
rest bite for respite

forced perspective (false perspective)

morays (mores)
post-dramatic stress disorder (traumatic)
whole-scale for full-scale
stings and arrows of outrageous fortune (Shakespeare wrote of the "slings and arrows".)
fail proof for fool proof
on death’s door (You are at death’s door or on Death Row.)
People are still writing “imputing” for “inputting”.
minisecond for millisecond

fully cogniscent (cognizant)
gin up on the case (Gen up – "gen" is information.)
bulbul scar on a worked flint (Bulbal – a bulbul is a nightingale.)
enmired (mired or enmeshed)
pawn off an inferior copy on a naive client (palm off)
clamping up for clamming up (You clamp your jaws shut when you clam up.)
What an amazing sight! It's incredulous! (incredible)

Texas chainsaw mascara (spellcheck error?)
They decamped for weeks on the doorstep. (camped)
opitomy (Epitome – but you say it "a-pitter-me".)
vagrant disregard for social distancing rules (flagrant)
waylaid with the flu for laid low (Radio 3)

I just want to touch basis. (bases)
Beggar the thought! (perish the thought, beggars belief)
ignomy for ignominy
From what I can gleam. (glean)
afficiandos (aficionados)
duke box (juke box)

We will not stand by idol! (Stand idly by.)

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