Wednesday 1 February 2023

Syndromes We Don't Have a Name For 8

More trouble than it’s worth.
Demonising the poor.
Waiting in the wings.

Learned helplessness.
Diminishing returns.

If this is victory, give me defeat.
I’ll always be young.
Missing the point by miles.

Halo, ripple, butterfly, domino effects.
The mean millionaire. 
We are us because they are them. 

When the end came, it was swift.
Your therapy client is cleverer than you

Reading too much into a situation.
Murderer joins in hunt for missing victim. 

Libertarian wolf in liberal sheep’s clothing.
Place becomes a museum of itself (Rowsley flour mill, Montmartre).

Exchanging one prison for another.
We all disagree with HER even if she says the sun rises every day.

Delusion of young people that they invented everything.
Use your child to move up the class ladder – or assimilate. 

Grands travaux inutiles (“iconic” structures).
“Oh no, you're not autistic because <reasons>.”

Dressing your children in very old-fashioned clothes (Rees-Mogg, the Royals).
Not realising that everyone has been willing you to retire for years. 

The self-educated person who gets words and names slightly wrong – and won’t be told.

Change an institution’s name and imagine you’ve changed the organisation.

Shut down an initiative to save money. A few years later, with a big splash, launch another initiative to do the same thing, under a different name.

The commercial imitation of an ethnic dish is much nicer than the real thing.

Someone calling you crazy after they fail to manipulate you. (@MindTendencies2)

And then I realised that the organisation was run by a secretive inner circle...

Those who are congenitally suspicious of scientific authority. (Observer)

Persistence of big game hunters, grouse shoots and deer stalking.

A single woman received a gift from married friends – it was a foot spa.

The “opinion poll” that attempts to plant ideas or sell you something.

Blaming your therapy client for the fact that your therapy hasn’t helped them.

You try growing tea in Europe or America, but it’s cheaper to import it from Asia.

Religious ritual as tourist destination (Indian temples). 

I’ve got kids but I’m still an individual, not like those other mothers. (And others on this template.)

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