Monday 20 February 2023

Euphemisms About Racism in Quotes


Can the “North London” jibes please stop? Every time I hear “North London” I think “Do they mean Jews?”. This government, no matter which of the three prime ministers (so far), have made consistently nasty, personal comments about “lefty lawyers”, tofu, north London etc. (@AdamWagner1) 

As a North East, tofu-eating Londoner I assume when they say "anti-growth alliance, North Londoners or tofu-eaters" what they really mean is 'not Tories'. (@LucilleChip)

He means Islington & Hackney, and it’s a jibe against Labour’s metropolitan LSE-inspired progressive groupthink. (@Sapper_Sailor)

Anyone outside London does not mean Jews, we mean urban elite. Using just London would mean the same. (@treflesg)

This is simply a jibe at Islingtonian champagne socialist types(@agw1437) 

Saying North London is the new way of saying cosmopolitan and yes it means Jews. (@jwbottomley)

I don’t read it this way at all it is very much an Islington jibe and a dig at the Labour Party really being London-centric and not caring about the rest of the country and particularly rural England which of course goes down well in the Tory shires their heartland it’s fair game. (@kaydeelala)

They mean ‘Champagne Socialists’ – Labour MPs who live in gentrified areas of North London – Islington and Primrose Hill – who profess to represent the working class. (@narkyanarchist)

It's not Jews, it's the Liberal Metropolitan Elite(@BrianofBritian) 

I was once asked to present a planting concept for East London to a room of (100% white) critics. Feedback was that international planting ‘didn’t fit the area’ and I ‘should do native wildflowers’. The site was founded by Romans and an immigration epicentre for +2,000 yrs. The idea of field of ‘wildflowers’ (they ironically meant non-native cornfield weeds) was ‘more in keeping with the area’ is not just historically ****ed. It also is predicated on often unconscious ideas of what and who does and does not ‘belong’ in the U.K. That’s before the ‘advice’ to me afterward about how I could make it more ‘fitting’ the ‘British’ ‘genius loci’. And that I had a ‘lot to learn’, not about horticulture (they were all planners and architects) but about Britain. I was born like two miles away from the site. (James Wong) 

"Bring the country together" means "get everyone on board with our racism and fascism". (Dr. Sarah Parcak @indyfromspace)

We had to fight the most uneven fight ever: the leftists at home, the international leftists, the Brussels bureaucrats, the Soros organisations, the international media and ultimately even the Ukrainian president. (Hungarian president Viktor Orban. Someone comments “Just say ‘Jews’, Viktor, this is taking for ever.”)

BTW “systemic racism” doesn’t mean “lots of racists in the system”. It means that even if there were ZERO racists present, the system would still disproportionately harm people of certain races. It’s baffling that lots of educated folks don’t understand this concept. (@THOTcrime)

The church has embarked on conciliation. When we talk of conciliation here we are talking about actually educating thousands of people. (Rwandan Bishop after the civil war and genocide. He meant “educating them that everybody is equal”.)

It is not a coincidence that calls to "globalize the intifada" and to throw out "Zionists" rise in tandem with rhetoric surrounding George Soros, New Yorkers, and "elites". When both sides lose touch with reality, fingers always point in the same direction. (@blakeflayton, 2022)

I’m led to believe a lot of the major slaughterhouses are owned by certain groups of people. (@JudithEvans14 The discussion is about halal meat being sold unlabelled.)

Every villain in The Hardy Boys is “swarthy”. (Dr Kimberly Chrisman-Campbell)

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