Monday 20 February 2023

More Euphemisms about Politics in Quotes

"Offended by" is a weasel-phrase that places the action and responsibility on the person who is on the receiving end of prejudice. 

The word “taxpayer” is almost always right-wing political framing. (@SpringaldJack)

"Mixed results” seems to have become doublespeak for “we are losing seats to ALL SORTS of people.” (@sturdyAlex, post council elections)

She was delivering a fiery manifesto about her undying allegiance to Donald Trump and sharing with great zeal why Jesus wanted her to vote the way she voted. Beneath her Bible references and heavily coded church words I could see it all: a fully ignited fear of terrorists, Muslims, immigrants, LGBTQ human beings, and people of color—mixed with some impending sky-is-falling spiritual doom that she believed only the Republican Party or the Second Coming could rescue us from. (

Any country with "people's" or "workers'" anything is working neither for the people nor for the workers. Any country with "democratic" in its name is anything but. (Richard Meredith. Someone adds “popular”.)

The House of Lords has been accused of “pathetic wokery” after staff were told not to use “offensive” terms such as ladies and gentlemen. Staff in the upper chamber have been issued with an “inclusive language guide”:

Manpower: workforce, staffing
Common man: average person
Class: socio-economic status
Manmade: synthetic, artificial

The UK government are world leaders at “looking at”, “working towards” and “focusing on” things. It all translates as “not doing the things”. (@Joanne_Lake)

I notice the conspiracy theorists have latched onto US political analyst John Mearsheimer, who describes himself as a 'realist' historian (a red flag for me – it's like men who say 'well, it's only common sense, isn't it?' before coming out with some truly bonkers opinion). (Liz Williams)

I wonder what Michael Gove means by ‘Christian forgiveness’, because it doesn’t half sound like ‘Let us get away with it’. (Justin Lewis @WhenIsBirths)

'Classical liberal' is a euphemism for 'selfish', isn't it? (@AodhBC)

If the government doesn't do what a certain commentator wants they're ignoring democracy. But if they do something this same commentator doesn't want, they're pandering to the electorate.

China is piecing together a “blacklist” of karaoke songs that contain “harmful content”, it has emerged. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism said karaoke must not endanger national unity, sovereignty, territorial integrity, incite ethnic hatred, undermine ethnic unity, promote cults or superstition or violate religious policies. In 2015, the country banned 120 songs from the internet, including Chinese tracks titled “No Money No Friend”, “Don’t Want to Go to School” and “Fart”. (The Week)

Prime Ministers have to make these tough decisions, refresh the team... (Tory pundit on BBC Breakfast. Dominic Raab has been sacked.)

Why aren't we doing face-masks all over the place? We're trying to take a balanced and proportionate approach, slowing down the spread of omicron while we get to the bottom of the exact effect it has. (Boris Johnson, paraphrase)

Guidance Patrol is the main Islamic religious police, or vice squad in the Law Enforcement Force of Islamic Republic of Iran. It was established in 2005, succeeding previously defunct institutions of similar nature.

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