Tuesday 9 June 2009

Comics in Angouleme

In June, the Musée de la Bande Dessinée (comic museum) in Angouleme, France, moved into a new home in a converted paper mill: "les chais Magelis”.

The Belgian Comic Strip Centre in Brussels is at Rue des Sables 20 (+ 32 (0)2 219 19 80). It's housed in an Art Nouveau building designed by Victor Horta in 1906. Its latest exhibition, opening today (June 9) is on Lanfeust, hero of the Arithmetics of Troy by Christophe Arleston and Didier Tarquin. There are eight volumes; the first is called L'Ivoire du Magohamoth.

You can get the latest news on the world of the "bande dessinée" (in French) here.

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