Tuesday 16 June 2009

What Not to Wear: 12 Fashion Mistakes

1. Low-rise trousers

2. Whale tail

3. White trousers – with a dark thong underneath

4. Chrome yellow

5. Mustard
with purple

6. Red jackets
on US political women

7. Ill-fitting clothes. (Every few years in the UK somebody says: "Shouldn't sizes be standardised so that a size 12 is always the same whatever the manufacturer or shop?" And then nobody does anything.)

8. Bandeau
top that you keep pulling up with both hands

9. Hat plonked on your usual hairstyle – a hat needs an updo

10. Visible bra line

11. Black tights with white court shoes.

12. 80s city shorts suits - especially in tangerine.

13. Just spotted (x3) in Queensway: skinny hipster harem jeans.

Fashion crimes from the past here.

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